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Sprint Release 06-11-18

Thomas Löffler requested to merge develop into master
  • [TASK] Add caching headers
  • [BUGFIX] Add margin for news listing on homepage
  • [TASK] Allow editors to create forms
  • [TASK] Remove G+ from footer
  • [TASK] Add classes to ul for menu
  • [FEATURE] Introduce FontAwesome 5
  • [FEATURE] Update to Bootstrap v4.1
  • [BUGFIX] Add author name to news list view
  • [TASK] Improve rendering and remove double borders
  • [TASK] Remove horizontal margin for latest news
  • [TASK] Image crop for news
  • [BUGFIX] Beautify platinum banner in mobile view
  • [FEATURE] Add CookieConsent
  • [FEATURE] Add default images for news
  • [FEATURE] Add additional / default image for news
  • [TASK] Add crop ratios for news
  • [BUGFIX] Fix event category selector
  • [TASK] Add sys_note extension
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