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[!!!][TASK] Drop usage of tx_ter_extensionkeys

Benni Mack requested to merge feature/drop-extensionkeys into develop

The database table tx_ter_extensionkeys containing all registered extensionkeys is dropped in favor of "tx_terfe2_domain_model_extension".

This table was synced already anyways, and can now be used within without having to sync with a cronjob anymore.

Breaking: The information about "title" and "description" is removed, as it wasn't required via the Web GUI when registering a key already.

The sync task / TER importer now only imports the uploaded versions, the SOAP API now creates records directly in tx_terfe2_domain_model_extension when registering a new extension key.

The One-Time-Migration-Script by tomalo (ImportAllExtensionKeysTask) is now removed as it is not needed anymore.

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