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Update dependency requests to v2.31.0

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requests (source, changelog) ==2.28.1 -> ==2.31.0 age adoption passing confidence

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  • Versions of Requests between v2.3.0 and v2.30.0 are vulnerable to potential forwarding of Proxy-Authorization headers to destination servers when following HTTPS redirects.

    When proxies are defined with user info (https://user:pass@proxy:8080), Requests will construct a Proxy-Authorization header that is attached to the request to authenticate with the proxy.

    In cases where Requests receives a redirect response, it previously reattached the Proxy-Authorization header incorrectly, resulting in the value being sent through the tunneled connection to the destination server. Users who rely on defining their proxy credentials in the URL are strongly encouraged to upgrade to Requests 2.31.0+ to prevent unintentional leakage and rotate their proxy credentials once the change has been fully deployed.

    Users who do not use a proxy or do not supply their proxy credentials through the user information portion of their proxy URL are not subject to this vulnerability.

    Full details can be read in our Github Security Advisory and CVE-2023-32681.


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  • Requests now defers chunked requests to the urllib3 implementation to improve standardization. (#​6226)
  • Requests relaxes header component requirements to support bytes/str subclasses. (#​6356)


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  • Requests now supports charset_normalizer 3.x. (#​6261)


  • Updated MissingSchema exception to suggest https scheme rather than http. (#​6188)


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