1. 16 Mar, 2010 1 commit
  2. 09 Aug, 2009 1 commit
  3. 15 Jun, 2009 1 commit
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      tx_fluid: (fresh backport from Fluid Package r2609 with FluidBackporter r2611): · 94baa469
      Bastian Waidelich authored
        [FIX] Fluid (Core): Set controller context only if not null. This needs to be done for rendering contexts without a controller context  (e.g. in a service)
        [TASK] Fluid (Core): Fixed a few doc comments
        [TASK] Fluid (Core): Removed commented-out code as it was obsolete
      other changes in tx_fluid:
        * AbstractFormViewHelper: Removed persistenceManager-dependency. getName() and getValue() now return correct values for domain objects. Resolves #3651
        * Adjusted doc comments of ImageViewHelper. Resolves #3394
        * Fixed a few more doc comments
  4. 09 Jun, 2009 1 commit
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      Fluid: · 796c18b4
      Sebastian Kurfürst authored
      * !!! Commented out last change of Jochen. Please add it again when you commit it @Jochen
      * Added Boolean Expression Language
      * Fixed #3551
  5. 28 May, 2009 1 commit
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      Fluid: · 50af6b9c
      Sebastian Kurfürst authored
      * Backported major changes from Fluid v5 to Fluid v4
      * !!! Many of these changes are not backwards-compatible! Please read this if you have written custom ViewHelpers!
      * Introduced Shorthand Syntax for calling ViewHelpers
      * Core:
      ** Lots of internal cleanup and refactorings.
      ** !!! Complete restructuring into subpackages.
      * ViewHelpers:
      ** !!! The base classes of ViewHelpers changed to Tx_Fluid_Core_ViewHelper_AbstractViewHelper and Tx_Fluid_Core_ViewHelper_TagBasedViewHelper. Please adjust your ViewHelpers!
      ** !!! $this->variableContainer has been renamed to $this->templateVariableContainer
      ** !!! the view is not in $this->variableContainer anymore. Currently there is no way to fetch the View from a ViewHelper.
      ** Introduced a new $this->controllerContext containing the context variables of the controller
      ** !!! The request can be now found in $this->controllerContext->getRequest()
      ** !!! The URIHelper has been renamed to URIBuilder and can be now found in $this->controllerContext->getURIBuilder()
      ** Introduced a new ViewHelperVariableContainer, available in $this->viewHelperVariableContainer to pass data between ViewHelpers. Should only be needed in very rare cases.
      ** !!! Removed <f:format.htmlEscape> ViewHelper! Please remove these declarations in your template! Escaping of object accessors is now automatically done, see next point.
      * !!! ObjectAccessors {...} are now automatically HTMLspecialChar'd if not used as an argument to a ViewHelper. This is done using a new ObjectAccessorPostProcessor. Lateron, this will be made configurable.
  6. 05 May, 2009 1 commit
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      Fluid: · 38ebcedd
      Bastian Waidelich authored
      * Changes backported from FLOW3:
        * major cleanup and refactoring of core and view helper classes & comments
        * added validation for boolean arguments in AbstractViewHelper
        * added initialize-method to AbstractViewHelper, that is called before render(). This was especially needed for tagbased viewhelpers.
        * renderChildren() now directly calls evaluateChildNodes() on the respective view helper node allowing us to render objects/arrays.
        * improved boolean type conversion for arguments in ViewHelperNode.
        * added TagBuilder class, re-wrote all tag based view helpers to use it (see form view helpers for some examples)
        * ViewHelperArguments collection got a new method "hasArgument()" that returns TRUE when the specified argument exists and is not NULL
      * tx_fluid changes:
        * Improved fake object factory. Now objects are injected to subclasses and implementations of the specified classes/interfaces.
        * cleaned up and tweaked view helpers. Removed Parsefunc, Stdwrap and TypoScript view helpers for now. Added CObject, If/Then/Else, EmailLink, Crop, Currency, Debug, HTML, Nl2br, Image view helpers. Thanks to Sebastian Böttger, Christopher Hlubek, Niels Pardon, Andreas Pattynama for the help! 
      * Note: Unit tests not fully backported yet.