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      [TASK] Deprecate @Extbase\Inject · 64c8a784
      Alexander Schnitzler authored and Benjamin Franzke's avatar Benjamin Franzke committed
      Since core dependency injection is in place and is about to
      replace the extbase dependency injection, marking properties
      with the @Extbase\Inject annotation to invoke property injection is
      deprecated and must be replaced by one of the following di
      - constructor injection: works both with core and extbase di
        and is well suited to make extensions compatible for multiple
        TYPO3 versions.
      - setter injection: Basically the same like constructor injection.
        Both the core and extbase di can handle setter injection and
        both are supported in different TYPO3 versions.
      - (core) property injection: This kind of injection can be used
        but it requires the configuration of services via a Services.yaml
        in the Configuration folder of an extension.
      The recommended way is constructor injection. Not only is it the
      most compatible version of di, it also brings the advantage of
      clearly showing dependencies of a class. Also, it quickly shows
      if dependencies stack up which indicates that the service should
      be refactored.
      Releases: master
      Resolves: #92386
      Change-Id: I61afbb6bb15b136c200849c6c8f2cd6211d4c306
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