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      [FEATURE] Refactor AdminPanel API to use composition · d7ea9a75
      Susanne Moog authored and Benni Mack's avatar Benni Mack committed
      Enabling future enhancements for the adminpanel without
      having to make breaking changes for existing module providers
      is a key ingredient for providing a future proof extensible
      solution. Using single big interfaces that need to change on
      updates break backwards compatibility and do not provide
      sufficient feature encapsulation.
      The adminpanel APIs have been refactored to use a composition
      pattern to allow modules more flexibility. Modules can now only
      implement the interfaces they need instead of implementing all
      functionality. For example an adminpanel module that only provides
      page related settings does no longer have to implement the getContent
      Small interfaces have been provided as building blocks for modules with
      rich functionality. Easy addition of new interfaces that _can_ (not
      must) be implemented allow future improvements.
      Additionally the API has been modified to allow a more object-oriented
      approach using simple DTOs instead of associative arrays for better
      type-hinting and a better developer experience. Storing and rendering
      data have been separated in two steps allowing to completely disconnect
      the rendered adminpanel from the current page. This is a preparation
      for a standalone adminpanel that can be implemented separately.
      Resolves: #86003
      Releases: master
      Change-Id: I88236a86e612dee9085b9f6ad7da34f90770d5ed
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