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[DOCS] Fix typo in rte_ckeditor docs

Resolves: #97592
Releases: main, 11.5
Change-Id: I95246d9720609e138d19bb8e60ad4ebcfe23564a

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......@@ -178,12 +178,12 @@ For example, look at :guilabel:`tt_content > columns > bodytext`.
However, you will
find that neither `enableRichtext`, nor `richtextConfiguration` is set here. They
are configured in :guilabel:`tt_content > types` for various content types, for example
look at :guilabel:`tt_content > types > text > columnOverrides`.
look at :guilabel:`tt_content > types > text > columnsOverrides`.
.. figure:: images/column_overrides.png
:class: with-shadow
TCA: tt_content > types > text > columnsOverride > bodytext
TCA: tt_content > types > text > columnsOverrides > bodytext
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