Commit e4298102 authored by Oliver Hader's avatar Oliver Hader
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Fixed bug #12634: XSS in the access module

git-svn-id: 709f56b5-9817-0410-a4d7-c38de5d9e867
parent 6e54ef9c
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@
* Fixed bug #11621: XSS vulnerabilities in workspace module (thanks to Georg Ringer)
* Fixed bug #11620: XSS vulnerability in task center module (thanks to Georg Ringer)
* Fixed bug #12628: XSS in sysext sys_action (thanks to Georg Ringer)
* Fixed bug #12634: XSS in the access module (thanks to Georg Ringer)
2010-04-09 Michael Stucki <>
......@@ -512,7 +512,7 @@ class SC_mod_web_perm_index {
<td class="bgColor2" colspan="2">&nbsp;</td>
<td class="bgColor2"><img'.t3lib_iconWorks::skinImg($BACK_PATH,'gfx/line.gif','width="5" height="16"').' alt="" /></td>
<td class="bgColor2" align="center" nowrap="nowrap"><b>'.$LANG->getLL('User',1).':</b> '.$BE_USER->user['username'].'</td>
<td class="bgColor2" align="center" nowrap="nowrap"><b>'.$LANG->getLL('User',1).':</b> ' . htmlspecialchars($BE_USER->user['username']) . '</td>
'.(!$BE_USER->isAdmin()?'<td class="bgColor2"><img'.t3lib_iconWorks::skinImg($BACK_PATH,'gfx/line.gif','width="5" height="16"').' alt="" /></td>
<td class="bgColor2" align="center"><b>'.$LANG->getLL('EditLock',1).'</b></td>':'').'
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