Commit bb5a4209 authored by Ingmar Schlecht's avatar Ingmar Schlecht
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Changed typo3/mod/tools/em/index.php to support new "Overwrite" checkbox feature of Kickstarter.

git-svn-id: 709f56b5-9817-0410-a4d7-c38de5d9e867
parent 81efd3c9
2005-04-10 Ingmar Schlecht <>
* Added hook for TIMTAW extension in t3lib_userauth
* Changed typo3/mod/tools/em/index.php to support new "Overwrite" checkbox feature of Kickstarter
2005-04-10 Jan-Erik <>
* The earlier attempts to fix the problem of Return-Path with Postfix below version 2.0 seems not to work on all systems. The t3lib_htmlmail class now only forces the return-path if forceReturnPath is enabled in the install tool.
......@@ -1012,9 +1012,10 @@ EXTENSION KEYS:
* @param string "Direct input" of the extension stream. Debugging purpuses, it seems.
* @param boolean If true, recent translations are included.
* @param boolean If true, manual is included.
* @param boolean If true, extension directory+files will not be deleted before writing the new ones. That way custom files stored in the extension folder will be kept.
* @return string Return false on success, returns error message if error.
function importExtFromRep($extRepUid,$loc,$uploadFlag=0,$directInput='',$recentTranslations=0,$incManual=0) {
function importExtFromRep($extRepUid,$loc,$uploadFlag=0,$directInput='',$recentTranslations=0,$incManual=0,$dontDelete=0) {
if (is_array($directInput)) {
$fetchData = array($directInput,'');
......@@ -1086,7 +1087,7 @@ EXTENSION KEYS:
$extKey = $fetchData[0]['extKey'];
$EM_CONF = $fetchData[0]['EM_CONF'];
if (!$EM_CONF['lockType'] || !strcmp($EM_CONF['lockType'],$loc)) {
$res = $this->clearAndMakeExtensionDir($fetchData[0],$loc);
$res = $this->clearAndMakeExtensionDir($fetchData[0],$loc,$dontDelete);
if (is_array($res)) {
$extDirPath = trim($res[0]);
if ($extDirPath && @is_dir($extDirPath) && substr($extDirPath,-1)=='/') {
......@@ -2883,9 +2884,10 @@ EXTENSION KEYS:
* @param array Data for imported extension
* @param string Extension installation scope (L,G,S)
* @param boolean If set, nothing will be deleted (neither directory nor files)
* @return mixed Returns array on success (with extension directory), otherwise an error string.
function clearAndMakeExtensionDir($importedData,$type) {
function clearAndMakeExtensionDir($importedData,$type,$dontDelete=0) {
if (!$importedData['extKey']) return 'FATAL ERROR: Extension key was not set for some VERY strange reason. Nothing done...';
// Setting install path (L, G, S or fileadmin/_temp_/)
......@@ -2920,6 +2922,7 @@ EXTENSION KEYS:
// Install dir was found, remove it then:
if (@is_dir($extDirPath)) {
if($dontDelete) return array($extDirPath);
$res = $this->removeExtDirectory($extDirPath);
if ($res) {
return 'ERROR: Could not remove extension directory "'.$extDirPath.'". Reasons:<br /><br />'.nl2br($res);
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