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[TASK] Improve some property & method comments

Add some more comments to TemplateService related
properties and fix typos.

Resolves: #97796
Releases: main
Change-Id: I131e141e0d1acce57ded287348c7ed0e2ab8a983

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......@@ -1573,7 +1573,7 @@ class PageRepository implements LoggerAwareInterface
* usage might produce undesired results and that should be evaluated on
* individual basis.
* Principle; Record online! => Find offline?
* Principle: Record online! => Find offline?
* @param string $table Table name
* @param array $row Record array passed by reference. As minimum, the "uid", "pid" and "t3ver_state" fields must exist! The record MAY be set to FALSE in which case the calling function should act as if the record is forbidden to access!
......@@ -156,14 +156,21 @@ class TemplateService
protected $rootId;
* The rootline from current page to the root page
* The rootline from current page to the root page.
* This is exactly the same as $absoluteRootLine, just in reversed order, so
* first entry with key 0 is site-root page, last node is requested page with
* the highest key.
* This is set up by runThroughTemplates().
* @var array
public $rootLine;
* Rootline all the way to the root. Set but runThroughTemplates
* Rootline all the way to the root. Set by runThroughTemplates.
* This is basically the direct output of RootlineUtility: First node
* has the highest key and is the deepest page (typically the uid of the requested page),
* the last node is the root node of the site and has key 0.
protected array $absoluteRootLine = [];
......@@ -313,7 +313,7 @@ class PathUtility
* @see \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\GeneralUtility::getFileAbsFileName()
* Resolves all dots and slashes between that paths of both files.
* Whether the result is absolute or not, depends of the base file name.
* Whether the result is absolute or not, depends on the base file name.
* If the include file goes higher than a relative base file, then the result
* will contain dots as a relative part.
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