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20/12: Change the backend icon processing: Not, by default icons are NOT processed with overlay of hidden, start/endtime icons; The icons are found preprocessed with the source icon. This can be disabled so the old behaviour will apply, see TYPO3_CONF_VARS[GFX] - however group-numbers on icons have been permanently disabled.
Fixed all:
- Click menu does not work in task-center/weblist
- admin-only flag in TYPO3_CONF_VARS so only administrators can log in/be authenticated.
......@@ -3471,7 +3471,7 @@ class t3lib_TCEforms {
if (setOK) {
// Traversing list and set the hidden-field
......@@ -1399,6 +1399,10 @@ class t3lib_TCEmain {
function checkValue_group_select($res,$value,$tcaFieldConf,$PP,$uploadedFiles) {
list($table,$id,$curValue,$status,$realPid,$recFID) = $PP;
// This converts all occurencies of "{" to the byte 123 in the string - this is needed in very rare cases where filenames with special characters (like , umlaud etc) gets sent to the server as HTML entities instead of bytes. The error is done only by MSIE, not MOzilla and Opera.
// Anyways, this should NOT disturb anything else:
$value = $this->convNumEntityToByteValue($value);
// When values are send as group or select they come as comma-separated values which are exploded by this function:
$valueArray = $this->checkValue_group_select_explodeSelectGroupValue($value);
......@@ -3331,6 +3335,28 @@ class t3lib_TCEmain {
return ereg_replace(",$","",$input);
* Converts a HTML entity (like {) to the character "123"
* @param string Input string
* @return string Output string
function convNumEntityToByteValue($input) {
$token = md5(microtime());
$parts = explode($token,ereg_replace('(&#([0-9]+);)',$token.'\2'.$token,$input));
foreach($parts as $k => $v) {
if ($k%2) {
$v = intval($v);
if ($v > 32) { // Just to make sure that control bytes are not converted.
$parts[$k] =chr(intval($v));
return implode('',$parts);
* Returns absolute destination path for the uploadfolder, $folder
......@@ -3653,7 +3679,7 @@ class t3lib_TCEmain {
$lines[]='<tr class="bgColor5"><td colspan=2 align=center><strong>Errors:</strong></td></tr>';
while(list(,$line)=each($errorJS)) {
$lines[]='<tr class="bgColor4"><td valign=top><img'.t3lib_iconWorks::skinImg('','gfx/icon_fatalerror.gif','width="18" height="16"').' alt="" /></td><td>'.$line.'</td></tr>';
$lines[]='<tr class="bgColor4"><td valign=top><img'.t3lib_iconWorks::skinImg('','gfx/icon_fatalerror.gif','width="18" height="16"').' alt="" /></td><td>'.htmlspecialchars($line).'</td></tr>';
$lines[]='<tr><td colspan=2 align=center><BR><form action=""><input type="submit" value="Continue" onClick="document.location=\''.$redirect.'\';return false;"></form></td></tr>';
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ $TYPO3_CONF_VARS = Array(
'image_processing' => 1, // Boolean. Enables image processing features. Disabling this means NO image processing with either GD or IM!
'thumbnails' => 1, // Boolean. Enables the use of thumbnails in the backend interface. Thumbnails are generated by IM/partly GD in the file typo3/thumbs.php
'thumbnails_png' => 0, // Bits. Bit0: If set, thumbnails from non-jpegs will be 'png', otherwise 'gif' (0=gif/1=png). Bit1: Even JPG's will be converted to png or gif (2=gif/3=png)
'noIconProc' => 1, // Boolean. If true, icons are never processed with overlays for hidden, starttime, endtime etc. They must be available pre-processed. If this is disabled, do so only if you have full image processing capabilities on the server for TYPO3.
'gif_compress' => 1, // Boolean. Enables the use of the t3lib_div::gif_compress() workaround function for compressing giffiles made with GD or IM, which probably use only RLE or no compression at all.
'imagefile_ext' => 'gif,jpg,jpeg,tif,bmp,pcx,tga,png,pdf,ai', // Commalist of file extensions perceived as images by TYPO3. List should be set to 'gif,png,jpeg,jpg' if IM is not available. Lowercase and no spaces between!
......@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ class SC_tce_db {
if ($this->prErr) {
if ($this->redirect && !$this->tce->debug) {
Header('Location: '.t3lib_div::locationHeaderUrl($this->redirect));
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