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* Moved changelog.txt to ChangeLog ("cvs compliant")

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2003-10-24 Kasper Skårhøj
* Moved changelog.txt to ChangeLog ("cvs compliant")
TYPO3 3.6.0-dev
!!! $LANG->php3Lang + ->mainLang has been cancelled and replaced with a local-lang call: Search/replace regex: search for '->php3Lang\["([^]]*)"\]\["([^]]*)"\]', replace with '->sL("LLL:EXT:lang/locallang_core.php:\1.\2")'. Same for ->mainLang.
!!! The global var $AB has been removed (since the "alternative backend" is now THE backend and the classic is totally gone. If you use this var, you can safely expect $AB's value to be TRUE and therefore remove all code which would excute if it was FALSE.
!!! Removed what looked like unused functions and variables in the backend frameset JavaScript.
!!! Change db_list_frame and file_list_frame to just "list_frame".
!!! Cleaned up a lot in the template-class.
!!! dfw() and rfw() functions must be substituted with $GLOBALS["TBE_TEMPLATE"]->dfw() / ->rfw()
!!! fw() is highly depreciated (and does NOT wrap strings anymore!)
!!! if (top.theMenu) top.theMenu.recentuid
!!! Constant "PATH_temp" has been cancelled - no scripts seemed to use it and the dir is depreciated.
!!! typo3/temp/ has been cancelled. Changed to typo3/icons/ for STATIC icons and PATH_site.typo3temp/ is now used for the locally generated icons. So no more typo3/temp/ to be writable.
!!! t3lib_BEfunc::loadTablesDescriptions() and t3lib_BEfunc::loadSingleTableDescription is removed. A function call like t3lib_BEfunc::loadSingleTableDescription("pages",$LANG->lang); is substituted with $LANG->loadSingleTableDescription("pages");
!!! Function t3lib_BEfunc::pTypes() remove - nothing used it (apparently. prove me wrong... :-)
!!! Function t3lib_div::extParseurl removed
!!! Function t3lib_div::imagefinder, t3lib_div::linkfinder, t3lib_div::getStrippedURL, t3lib_div::getMimeType, t3lib_div::debug_white_space, t3lib_div::debug_code, t3lib_div::parsetime, t3lib_div::hardspace, t3lib_div::break_text, t3lib_div::unbreak_text removed
!!! The font files "arial.ttf" and "verdana.ttf" has been removed from the folder t3lib/fonts/ and substituted with similar typefaces, "nimbus.ttf" and "vera.ttf" respectively.
!!! The script "t3lib/formmail.php" has been removed. Was not used and didn't work anyways.
- A new class "t3lib_cs" has been added. It contains homemade functions for conversion to and from a list of charsets (conversion tables found in t3lib/csconvtbl/). The conversion could be speeded up enourmously by using PHP functions but I simply didn't find any that could be used. By time we can substitute the PHP-processing with internal PHP functions if possible.
- In TYPO3_CONF_VARS we can now set up a system charset. [BE][forceCharset] This is used a) for storage of information and b) for whole backend. Default is that charset of the current user (as always), but clearly recommended is "UTF-8"!!!
- The recommendation is that the forceCharset configuration is used for multilingual sites. In this way the SAME charset is ALWAYS used in the backend regardless of which language the current backend user has chosen. Thus all content in the sysmte is stored in the same charset.
......@@ -1359,7 +1359,7 @@ trim($this->form);
$content .= "\n\t".'<td width="'.$widthRight.'%">&nbsp;</td>';
$content .= "\n\t".'</tr></table>';
$content .= '<div class="hr" style="display:block;margin:0px;padding:0px;"></div';
$content .= '<div class="hr" style="display:block;margin:0px;padding:0px;"></div>';
// include CSS
......@@ -1408,10 +1408,7 @@ trim($this->form);
return $content;
......@@ -1481,4 +1478,4 @@ $LANG->init($BE_USER->uc['lang']);
// The template is loaded
// ******************************
$TBE_TEMPLATE = t3lib_div::makeInstance('template');
\ No newline at end of file
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