Commit a25e07a4 authored by Guido Schmechel's avatar Guido Schmechel Committed by Frans Saris
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[BUGFIX] Have extractFileInformation extract atime only once

Remove duplicate "atime" entry to prevent duplicate
call of "atime" property extraction.

Resolves: #83992
Releases: master, 8.7
Change-Id: I2e09bc07b12b07eb89bd6fb247d0fed4431c8ef6

Reviewed-by: default avatarMathias Schreiber <>
Tested-by: default avatarMathias Schreiber <>
Reviewed-by: Frans Saris's avatarFrans Saris <>
Tested-by: Frans Saris's avatarFrans Saris <>
parent 34f26849
......@@ -638,7 +638,7 @@ class LocalDriver extends AbstractHierarchicalFilesystemDriver
if (empty($propertiesToExtract)) {
$propertiesToExtract = [
'size', 'atime', 'atime', 'mtime', 'ctime', 'mimetype', 'name',
'size', 'atime', 'mtime', 'ctime', 'mimetype', 'name',
'identifier', 'identifier_hash', 'storage', 'folder_hash'
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