Commit 831c2dee authored by Helmut Hummel's avatar Helmut Hummel Committed by Morton Jonuschat
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[BUGFIX] Set correct DB configuration in step installer

After the doctrine merge, the configuration for the database name changed.
Reflect this also in the database select step, when the user chooses
to select an empty existing database.

Releases: master
Resolves: #75961
Change-Id: Ie49bf42dd2142736c4d99fe8297b688e833e1a23

Reviewed-by: Nicole Cordes's avatarNicole Cordes <>
Tested-by: Nicole Cordes's avatarNicole Cordes <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMorton Jonuschat <>
Tested-by: default avatarMorton Jonuschat <>
parent c03be605
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ class DatabaseSelect extends AbstractStepAction
$existingTables = $this->databaseConnection->admin_get_tables();
$isInitialInstallation = $configurationManager->getConfigurationValueByPath('SYS/isInitialInstallationInProgress');
if (!$isInitialInstallation || empty($existingTables)) {
$localConfigurationPathValuePairs['DB/database'] = $postValues['existing'];
$localConfigurationPathValuePairs['DB/Connections/Default/dbname'] = $postValues['existing'];
// check if database charset is utf-8
$defaultDatabaseCharset = $this->getDefaultDatabaseCharset();
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