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[FEATURE] Add getModuleTemplate to PageLayoutController

This allows to access the ModuleTemplate instance
in PageLayoutController related hooks and therefore
enables extension authors to be more flexible when
manipulating the page module view.

Resolves: #92358
Releases: master
Change-Id: I6f3d370d0c8d730dfcdf631d8516a8691360167b

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......@@ -707,6 +707,16 @@ class PageLayoutController
return $content;
* Make the ModuleTemplate public accessible for the use in hooks.
* @return ModuleTemplate
public function getModuleTemplate(): ModuleTemplate
return $this->moduleTemplate;
* Sub-content functions, rendering specific parts of the module content.
.. include:: ../../Includes.txt
Feature: #92358 - Add getModuleTemplate() to PageLayoutController
See :issue:`92358`
The :php:`PageLayoutController` features two hooks for manipulating the
Page module. `drawHeaderHook` and `drawFooterHook`. Those hooks already
receive the parent object :php:`PageLayoutController`. Since the calling
code expects the hooks to return additional content, it was previously
not possible to change other parts of the module, e.g. the module header.
To give developers more possibilities in manipulating the page module,
using the mentioned hooks, the parent object now contains a new getter
method :php:`getModuleTemplate()`. It can for example be used to add an
additional button to the modules' button bar.
.. code-block:: php
public function drawHeaderHook(array $parameters, PageLayoutController $parentObject)
$moduleTemplate = $parentObject->getModuleTemplate();
$buttonBar = $moduleTemplate->getDocHeaderComponent()->getButtonBar();
$linkButton = $buttonBar
->setTitle('My custom button')
->setIcon($moduleTemplate->getIconFactory()->getIcon('actions-link', Icon::SIZE_SMALL));
When using either the `drawHeaderHook` or the `drawFooterHook` of the
:php:`PageLayoutController`, the provided parent object now contains
the :php:`getModuleTemplate()` method, which can be used to retrieve
the corresponding :php:`ModuleTemplate` instance. This provides
more flexibility to 3rd party code manipulating the page module view.
.. index:: Backend, PHP-API, ext:backend
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