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[DOCS] Document styling of current page in fluid_styled_content menu content elements

Document in the extensions manual

Resolves: #97404
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In case no pages are selected, the menu will be rendered from the
current page where the menu is put on.
Styling of the current page in a menu
.. versionadded:: 12.0
All menu content elements related to page navigation reflect the "current"
state of a page now.
If the current page is displayed within a menu the aria attribute
:html:`aria-current="page"` is added to the a-tag of a menu-item.
For styling with CSS the attribute of the link can be used:
.. code-block:: css
:caption: EXT:site_package/Public/Css/menu.css
[aria-current="page"] {
/* Special style for the current page link */
[aria-current="page"]:hover {
/* Special style for the current page link when hovered */
[aria-current="page"]::before {
/* Special virtual element for additions like chevrons, etc. */
The default styling of contains no style for the current page.
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