Commit 4fbb2504 authored by Markus Klein's avatar Markus Klein
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[BUGFIX] Fix double ? in eID url for encryption key

The AJAX url for retrieving a new encryption key contains
two question marks. This causes the request to fail.

Fix this by removing the superflous ? from the parameters.

Resolves: #59034
Releases: 6.1, 4.7, 4.5
Change-Id: Iab3833f50a48b71b25cf0205f7eb8d6b57dd859a
Reviewed-by: Markus Klein
Tested-by: Markus Klein
parent 418e3130
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ var EncryptionKey = {
new Ajax.Request(this.thisScript, {
method: 'get',
parameters: '?eID=' + this.eID + '&cmd=' + this.cmd,
parameters: 'eID=' + this.eID + '&cmd=' + this.cmd,
onComplete: function(xhr) {
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