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[TASK] Mention StackOverflow in

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......@@ -83,7 +83,17 @@ yourself involved.
* Register:
* Slack:
### Exchange information, get help
### Exchange information, ask questions, get help
Slack is nice for short discussions, but when asking questions, most
answers are lost in the noise after a few minutes. To let everyone
profit from an answer, we recommend to ask questions on StackOverflow.
If you like, you can then post a link into the corresponding Slack
channel to raise attention. And please, do not forget to tag your
questions correctly with `TYPO3` (and possibly other tags like `Fluid`
or `Extbase`).
* [StackOverflow questions tagged "TYPO3"](
The community and all TYPO3 teams communicate through newsgroups, which can
also be accessed through mailing lists and forums. Any of these three ways
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