Commit 3419d4e6 authored by Sascha Egerer's avatar Sascha Egerer Committed by Christian Kuhn
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[BUGFIX] Fix access to non existing object

Fix a fatal error introduced in a previous refactoring of
the code.

Resolves: #79864
Releases: master
Change-Id: Ib50052f2d7b3485da97fbe7a4ad88041bb676dad

Tested-by: default avatarTYPO3com <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarThomas Hohn <>
Reviewed-by: Christian Kuhn's avatarChristian Kuhn <>
Tested-by: Christian Kuhn's avatarChristian Kuhn <>
parent f8f3de80
......@@ -1036,7 +1036,7 @@ class PageLayoutController
// Add CSH (Context Sensitive Help) icon to tool bar
$contextSensitiveHelpButton = $this->buttonBar->makeHelpButton()
->setFieldName('columns_' . $this->controller->MOD_SETTINGS['function']);
->setFieldName('columns_' . $this->MOD_SETTINGS['function']);
$lang = $this->getLanguageService();
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