Commit 282de42e authored by Daniel Siepmann's avatar Daniel Siepmann Committed by Benjamin Franzke
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[BUGFIX] Respect none accessible workspace pages in tree list

If a versioned page is inaccessible due to versionOL, the row will be
converted to a value of "false". This can be the case for deleted or hidden pages.
In those cases, the tree should not include this page.
Keeping the page would furthermore result in a type error, as later
calls expect $row to be an array.

Resolves: #93009
Releases: master, 10.4
Change-Id: I43033e6fe3b403ffc2eebb2cc7080b988425917e

Tested-by: default avatarTYPO3com <>
Tested-by: Oliver Bartsch's avatarOliver Bartsch <>
Tested-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
Tested-by: Benjamin Franzke's avatarBenjamin Franzke <>
Reviewed-by: Oliver Bartsch's avatarOliver Bartsch <>
Reviewed-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
Reviewed-by: Benjamin Franzke's avatarBenjamin Franzke <>
parent 7b82e83d
......@@ -5501,10 +5501,12 @@ class ContentObjectRenderer implements LoggerAwareInterface
/** @var VersionState $versionState */
$versionState = VersionState::cast($row['t3ver_state']);
$tsfe->sys_page->versionOL('pages', $row);
if ((int)$row['doktype'] === PageRepository::DOKTYPE_RECYCLER
if ($row === false
|| (int)$row['doktype'] === PageRepository::DOKTYPE_RECYCLER
|| (int)$row['doktype'] === PageRepository::DOKTYPE_BE_USER_SECTION
|| $versionState->indicatesPlaceholder()
) {
// falsy row means Overlay prevents access to this page.
// Doing this after the overlay to make sure changes
// in the overlay are respected.
// However, we do not process pages below of and
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