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2004-02-12 Robert Lemke <>
Made changes to class.tslib_content.php:
- added function getAltParam () which acts as an abstraction method / API creating alt and title parameters for img tags
- added a new TypoScript configuration property: "titleText" (string / stdWrp) similar to "altText". If only altText is specified, it will also be used for the "title" parameter
- used getAltParam in IMGTEXT () for rendering the alt tag
- used getAltParam in cImage () for rendering the alt tag
- added title="" when neccessary, ie. all cleargifs havin an alt="" parameter now also have a title=""
Kasper Skårhøj, 6/2:
- Added procession option to RTE, "proc.plainImageMode"
- Added options for select and group types in TCA to set the selector box style.
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