Commit 021526a7 authored by Helmut Hummel's avatar Helmut Hummel
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[TASK] Improve travis notifications to channels

By default travis notifies on each build when
posting to channels (irc, slack)
We can reduce the number of notifications by only
posting successful builds when it previously failed.
Additionally encrypt the API token for posting to slack.

Releases: 6.3, 6.2, 6.1, 6.0, 4.7, 4.5
Change-Id: I882d34903c972201454e6cc5b9041393e3bd3661
Reviewed-by: Helmut Hummel
Tested-by: Helmut Hummel
parent 4f13b3a3
......@@ -5,8 +5,16 @@ php:
- 5.4
- ""
on_success: change
on_failure: always
use_notice: true
- typo3:DHkQdCNWc6x2znPAYA5T2LXO#typo3-cms
secure: a7c9Nw3KblUQsO4np7Sa685y7tqSJ5nSvzO8hnFjKEeQlgkbnC7Qq2TBvVSr92A1UMouL+6E9ngp3cb7rSYWsNKIaHn51CjhrvlfFElTZ0qd/jLVNDf1B765i0txiIZLLed0e3871/151xBgnggsXC4hcv4mPGc9g//ZPabp++E=
on_success: change
on_failure: always
script: function check_files() { for file in `find . -name \*.php`; do if ! php -l $file > /dev/null; then echo "Syntax errors detected in file $file"; return 99; fi; done }; check_files
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