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    [TASK] Migrate RecordListController hooks to an PSR-14 event · ff67726f
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    The following hooks in the RecordListController are used to add
    additional content above or below the main controller content:
    As this functionality could be useful, it should be migrated to a
    PSR-14 event. Both hook implementations use a meaningful parameter
    set (the request object) and return the additional content as string.
    As there is no dependency to the parent object (the class instance of
    the class where the hooks are placed), they could be migrated to a
    psr-14 event without a breaking change.
    Therefore, a PSR-14 event has been implemented to replace the hook
    functionality. An event listener has been created to provide a
    compatibility layer for both hooks. This allows a proper deprecation
    without breaking the hooks.
    The event listener (compatibility layer) could be removed in later
    versions without any changes in the controller class.
    Releases: master
    Resolves: #92062
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