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    [BUGFIX] Forward-compatible prepared statement support · ed725d12
    Stefan Bürk authored and Benni Mack's avatar Benni Mack committed
    doctrine/dbal:^3.2 changed return type of result for QueryBuilder
    execute methods, no longer have used prepared statement accessible
    for further query execution with other placeholder values.
    To raise doctrine/dbal:^3.2 two places have been changed to reuse
    the QueryBuilder instance itself instead of prepared statement with
    the corresponding patch #96287, thus given up the performance gain
    through reusable query execution plan in corresponding dbms systems.
    This patch adds support for prepared statements to TYPO3's
    QueryBuilder facade as this was not publicly available yet
    for TYPO3 users to be forward-compatible with Doctrine DBAL 3.
    Resolves: #96393
    Related: #96287
    Releases: main
    Change-Id: I814670ebf9920ed3162a31f98ad9efd4031f47c9
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