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    Extbase: · db92f57d
    Sebastian Kurfürst authored
    (Changes by Jochen)
    This commit merges the rewrite of the persistence layer back to trunk. It will probably break your existing installation. Please check out fluid and blog_example again.
    * Implemented an Object Manager (a wrapper for t3lib_div::makeInstance())
    * !!! Backport of the Query and the Query Object Model from FLOW3.
    * !!! Removed Repository->fetch*()
    * Splited the functionality of the Object Relational Mapper into the Persistence Backend, the Data Mapper and the SQL Storage Backend.
    * Implemented the Lazy Loading Proxy.
    * supported Request types is now Tx_Extbase_MVC_Request instead of Tx_Extbase_MVC_Web_Request.
    * Changed _reconstituteProperty() to _setProperty() (according to FLOW3).
    * Added _getProperty() to the Domain Object.
    * The Dispatcher now instanciates and uses a PersistenceManager to commit changes.
    * Added TypoScript converter method (to convert from new TS to classic TS). Fixes #3293.
    * Renamed SqlBackend to Typo3DbBackend
    * Now using constants in Tx_Extbase_Persistence_PropertyType instead of Tx_Extbase_Persistence_Mapper_ColumnMap
    * Improved conversion from table value to property value
    * Persistence_Repository: findByUid() checks now for positive integer
    * Fixed: Only Aggregate Roots are now registered as Reconstituted Objects
    * !!! Added _isNew() to the Domain Object Interface
    * Revision of the Persistence Backend (CRUD operations work now - again)
    * Fixed Query Object Model "UpperCase"
    * Implemented addRow(), deleteRow() and updateRow()
    * Fixed: _memorizeCleanState() now clones a property value if it is an object
    * Argument->findObjectByUid() memorizes now the clean state (todo: check if the object is an Aggregate Root)
    * Removed unnecessary method getRelations()
    * Fixed wrong class name of PropertyError; resolves issue #3855
    * Fixed typo in Persistence Query; resolves issue #3831
    * Changed: Equivalent Value Objects (all properties are equal) are now persisted only once
    * Backport and enhanced several Unit Tests (not finished yet)
    * Enhanced Base Test Case
    * Changed signature of hasValueObject()
    * Changed: hasValueObject() returns the uid of the already persisted value object - if any
    * Fixed: relation tables are now filled with the right values if a value object already exists in the database
    * Changed: The Persistence Manager and the Query Factory are now "injected" into the Arguments and Argument
    * Deleted obsolete files