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    [FEATURE] Improve Usability in Workspaces module · cc0c62e8
    Benni Mack authored and Christian Kuhn's avatar Christian Kuhn committed
    The workspaces module has a better style and some
    improvements for editors and administrators:
    * Editors now get feedback if an AJAX call shows no results
    * Editors + Administrators now switch workspace via a selector,
      very helpful when having more than a couple of workspaces
    * Administrators can now edit a workspace record
      directly from the module
    The change cleans up a lot of unused code in the main workspaces
    module and brings a few UX improvements within the module.
    * Dropdowns instead of tabs (good when having a lot of workspaces)
    * Language + Depth + Action selection is now rendered via
      Controller+Action instead of waiting for a first AJAX round trip
    * Properly using "moduleData" from "uc" to store information
    * Solved issues related to language icon rendering
    * Removed unused inline settings
    * Consistent usage of Persistent JS module accessing BE_Users' UC
    * nProgress for showing progress of loading AJAX requests
    Next steps in this area:
    * Hand in the first payload as JSON to avoid AJAX call on
      initial page load
    * Remove leftover inline JavaScript
    Resolves: #94819
    Releases: master
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