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    [FEATURE] Adopt symfony messenger as message bus and queue · c17e30a7
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    See the Feature.rst file for details.
    The changes in workspaces are meant as a usage example.
    The goal is to provide a basic implementation as a first step.
    Further features (for example extending the capabilities of the
    consume command or providing additional transportFactories or
    multi-bus support) can be done in additional patches
    (or even – in case of transports – in additional packages).
    The default transport is synchronous to avoid forcing users to
    configure the long running message consumer worker.
    Command executed:
     composer req symfony/doctrine-messenger:^6.2 symfony/messenger:^6.2
     composer req symfony/doctrine-messenger:^6.2 symfony/messenger:^6.2 \
       -d typo3/sysext/core --no-update
    Releases: main
    Resolves: #97700
    Change-Id: Ib034f70b8d6c0be974f807341df257c17dff42a1
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