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    * Display empty tag contents in the backend (e.g. <link></link>) · b54b40db
    Michael Stucki authored
    * Fixed bug #0000750: Resolve relative links in the backend (caused problems with some firewalls)
    * Install tool now shows which image is the reference when doing image tests (thanks to Dimitri Tarassenko)
    * Small changes in t3lib_div::quoted_printable()
    * !!! t3lib_htmlmail::quoted_printable() is now obsolete. Please call t3lib_div::quoted_printable() instead.
    * simulateStaticDocuments_addTitle is now set to 30 if the value is 1 (cause 1 doesn't make sense, does it?)
    * Display a warning message if this installation is obviously insecure!! These warnings are only displayed to admin users.
    * Added a link to re-login if the session has timed out
    git-svn-id: 709f56b5-9817-0410-a4d7-c38de5d9e867
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