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    [TASK] Integrate sqlite acceptance testing · a2537436
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    Add support for sqlite acceptance testing to
    Run acceptance/sqlite testing with PHP 8.1 in nightly
    as a first execution implementation, which could be
    reshuffled when minimum PHP requirements have
    been decided.
    Furthermore two acceptance tests are marked as skipped
    when executed with sqlite, which should be fixed in
    dedicated patches:
    * MaintenanceCest.php->analyzeDatabaseStructureWorks()
      Skipped, as database compare is never clean and ends
      in endless loop with sqlite, when ext:indexed_search is
      installed. This is a general issue, existing at least
      since v10.4. Needs investigation and a dedicated patch.
    * UpgradeCest.php->seeUpgradeWizard()
      Skipped, as utf-8 charset upgrade wizard is not visible
      for sqlite dbms backend, thus rendering this test obsolete
      with sqlite. Needs another update wizard test and possibly
      a dedicated patch.
    Resolves: #96340
    Releases: main
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