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    [BUGFIX] Drop "All workspaces" tab from workspace module · 9c4aecd2
    Christian Kuhn authored and Andreas Fernandez's avatar Andreas Fernandez committed
    When "All workspaces" has been integrated somewhere before v6,
    it was advertised as a view to see changes from all workspaces.
    This however never worked: When calling the workspace module,
    "All workspaces" is empty. If switching to a workspace and then
    selecting "All workspaces", the tab shows only the changes of
    the selected workspace - identical to the normal workspace tab.
    Tracing this back in time, this behavior exists at least since v7.
    There is not a single bug report in forge about this.
    Since this tab is broken for such a long time without any
    report, we assume the functionality is barely needed.
    A better solution would be to show the number of existing
    changes next to the workspace name in the tab list, so editors
    can quickly see which specific workspace needs attention, and
    then switch to the workspace in question. This should be done with
    another patch since non-admins currently see only one workspace tab
    at a time, which needs another preparation patch to fix.
    This patch drops the broken "All workspaces" tab for now, preparing
    further bugfixes to finally end up with a working solution.
    Resolves: #91999
    Releases: master, 10.4
    Change-Id: I33f3cdba117b68927eb10447b0541d8975ed0a63
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