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    [TASK] Deprecate ext:backend BackendTemplateView · 98267055
    Christian Kuhn authored
    The BackendTemplateView is a - usually Extbase backend
    module related - Fluid view that adds a default backend
    ModuleTemplate to render backend module content.
    That implementation has a couple of drawbacks:
    * Using BackendTemplateView hides a dependency to the
      request object by triggering a fallback in ModuleTemplate
      accessing $GLOBALS['TYPO3_REQUEST'].
    * Using $this->view->getModuleTemplate() is pretty ugly,
      controllers should work with the ModuleTemplateFactory
      instead and retrieve an instance of ModuleTemplate using
    * The level of indirection by having ModuleTemplate within
      the view class magically created makes controller actions
      harder to follow and understand.
    With extbase Request nowadays implementing ServerRequestInterface
    we can get rid of this indirection: Controllers should get an
    instance of ModuleTemplateFactory injected, receive the
    ModuleTemplate using ->create($request), and add further
    title and doc header related details using that instance.
    The patch changes ext:indexed_search, ext:extensionmanager and
    ext:form to do that, and deprecates BackendTemplateView.
    Change-Id: I613a560c8fc3c35343e31f397479f0c008a4a314
    Resolves: #95164
    Related: #92513
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    Related: #94209
    Related: #93885
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