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    [TASK] Clean up Routing API · 8f73f703
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    The PageUriBuilder is gone, as all is centralized in the
    PageRouter now, which acts as the centralized place to resolve
    Requests ("matchRequest") and to create URLs ("generateUri")
    for pages that have a site configuration.
    RouterInterface is the abstract interface which is intended to be
    used within Backend as well in the future, and provides a good basis
    for both cases (that's why page ID and SiteInterface is not hardcoded
    in the API).
    RouteResultInterface is introduced to allow further Result objects
    like page-specific results, useful for future routing improvements.
    Since PageUriBuilder was only used in cases where there was a
    site, the Router is now bound to a site (see constructor).
    When generating a URL, the PageRouter can receive a special
    argument called "_language" to hand over a SiteLanguage object.
    Resolves: #86388
    Releases: master
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