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    [!!!][TASK] Remove t3ver_count and t3ver_tstamp db fields · 80a38d73
    Benni Mack authored and Anja Leichsenring's avatar Anja Leichsenring committed
    The patch drops handling and existence of two further
    workspaces related db fields:
    * t3ver_tstamp has been occassionally set to 'now' when
    records in a workspaces were edited. However, the field
    was never displayed in the backend and is of little use
    since it only holds only a 'last' value. A change
    history on workspace records is available through the
    'info' button in the workspace module. This is powered
    by sys_history and shows modifications with date/time.
    * t3ver_count is also never rendered in the backend. It
    has been used in the (non-default) 'swap' workspace actions
    where live records become the new workspace records. The
    field was then incremented by one. The loose wording around
    that is, it's an 'archived' record. However, if swapping a
    second time, the workspace record does not count two as one
    would expect, but still one. Only after another swap, the
    workspace record would have the value two in this field.
    Together with the fact this field has never been shown/used,
    the weird behavior, and that swapping is an uncommon case
    that needs to be explicitely enabled and used, the field
    is dropped now.
    Resolves: #89137
    Releases: master
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