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    2005-12-27 Dmitry Dulepov <typo3@accio.lv> · 7f91d790
    Dmitry Dulepov authored
    * Workspace listing: CSS classes are added to system style sheet file
    * Workspace listing: Direct styles changes to CSS classes
    * Workspace listing: Mount points list now shows warning icon and explanation tooltip if workspace mount point is not accessible for current BE user
    * Workspace listing: Mount points list will show explanation if no mount points available and why
    * Workspace listing: User list is changed for live and draft workspace: now shows a simple list of users
    * Workspace listing: alt_shortcut.php is no longer used to switch workspaces
    * Workspace listing: Fix - user names sometimes were not displayed for non-admin user in the access lists
    * Workspace listing: Fix - non-admin users could see empty row in workspace list
    * Workspace listing: Fix - workspace_list_label_frozen_no label was wrong in locallang_mod_user_ws.xml
    * Many new labels in locallang_mod_user_ws.xml
    git-svn-id: https://svn.typo3.org/TYPO3v4/Core/trunk@953 709f56b5-9817-0410-a4d7-c38de5d9e867
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