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    [TASK] Use @typo3/ as ES6 module namespace · 7a41f905
    Benjamin Franzke authored and Georg Ringer's avatar Georg Ringer committed
    Switch from TYPO3/CMS/ExtName/ to @typo3/ext-name/ module
    namespace in all TypoScript modules in order to
    use the common "scoped package" syntax as known from npmjs.
    This will allow TYPO3 TypeScript declarations to be
    published to @typo3/* packages on npmjs.com at some point,
    allowing extension authors to require these as npm/yarn
    dependencies to be able to use TypeScript type declarations
    when developing against the TYPO3 JavaScript API.
    While at it, the naming convention of JavaScript modules is
    also switched to use lowercase-dashed form. This is to adhere
    to the common used naming convention in the npm-world.
    Also @typo3/core/ajax/ajax-request.js simply looks better than
    a mixed form @typo3/core/Ajax/AjaxRequest.js would be.
    All existing RequireJS module identifiers are mapped
    to the new naming syntax in the requirejs-to-es6 bridge:
    For example a requirejs call to
    will transparently be transformed to the new sc...