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    [TASK] Streamline phpdoc annotations in EXT:extbase · 65a55111
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    EXT:extbase uses @api and @internal phpDoc annotations. Going with a cleaner
    approach with marking code as just @internal, and everything not annotated
    as @internal is public, is the way to go, also the way PSR-5 is heading.
    For EXT:extbase: Every PHP class that had nothing marked, is now @internal,
    everything that was @api is now implicitly part of TYPO3 Core API.
    On top, all license headers and @license annotations have been streamlined.
    This means:
    - TYPO3 Core's PHP classes area all public API by default
       unless marked as @internal or an extension class
    - @api is not allowed anymore and will be restricted in
       the future from adding.
    - @internal should be used for everything that should
       not be explicitly exposed as public API in the future.
    - Everything under Tests/ is not part of TYPO3's Public API
    Resolves: #86521
    Releases: master
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