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    [FEATURE] Native MountPoint support for Site Handling · 6170b24f
    benni authored
    In order to link to mountpoints with Site Handling, the RootlineUtility
    needs to receive the MountPoint parameter, to correctly
    deal with mountpoint-related subpages.
    Mount Points are based on the assumption that the "context" (the original
    site environment) is kept. For this to work, the slug of the mount page (doktype=7)
    is prefixed to the URL, but the common prefix of the subpages is trimmed
    with the value of the mounted page (= pointer record).
    The MP parameter is then added to PageArguments within the PageArguments
    as "routeArgument" (= safe and clean argument) where TYPO3 is dealing
    with this feature again in the same fashion it as before.
    Various side-effects when dealing with mount points from other domains
    still exist (= different language setup, or non-existing sites).
    Feature Set:
    * Multi-language setup (= when language setup is the same) with slugs
    * Recursive mount points
    * No MP parameter available in URLs anymore (at all)
    * Multi-site setup (= when language setup is the same)
    If a subpage of a mount page does not inherit the slug of the mounted page,
    then the slug of the subpage is added in full afterwards.
    Resolves: #86331
    Resolves: #87473
    Resolves: #89039
    Releases: master, 9.5
    Change-Id: I58f41eb325a07cc0c4a0dfeab1164eb8c58c7314
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