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    [FEATURE] Introduce AfterFileCommandProcessedEvent · 412df9f4
    Oliver Bartsch authored
    A new PSR-14 based event "AfterFileCommandProcessedEvent"
    is introduced in favour of the existing
    hook, which is now marked as deprecated, along with
    its interface "ExtendedFileUtilityProcessDataHookInterface".
    The new event features the same data, however
    the way they can be accessed is improved.
    The previous `$action` and `$cmdArr` arguments
    are now available within the `getCommand()` method,
    while the action is the array key and the command
    data ($cmdArr) is the value. This is more in line
    with the actual request.
    The hooks `$result` argument always contained all
    results of previous operations, making it unnecessary
    complicated to find out the actual result for the
    current operation. This is now resolved. The new
    `getResult()` method only returns the result for
    the currently executed operation.
    Finally the "getConflictMode()" method just returns
    the conflict mode, used for the current operation.
    Resolves: #95089
    Releases: master
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