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    [TASK] runTest.sh: Version check docker-compose v2 · 3c00759d
    Jochen Roth authored and lolli's avatar lolli committed
    Docker for Mac (and Windows?) currently misuses their
    users as canary testers by actively activating an
    "experimental" feature toggle which then ships
    a docker-compose v2 rc release.
    docker-composer v2's yaml parsing however is broken
    (you had ONE job!): It does not properly detect strings
    as strings and mumbles about this, and worse, it transforms
    shell "don't linebreak!" '\' operator into linebreaks. This
    breaks our carefully crafted and formatted testing related
    docker-compose.yml configuration.
    The situation persists for weeks already, there is no
    solution except manually disabling this docker for mac
    experimental feature toggle.
    The patch makes runTests.sh detect docker-composer v2,
    exits out with an error message telling the version
    is not supported and how to disable it. ddev went with
    a similar approach recently.
    Resolves: #95057
    Releases: master, 10.4, 9.5
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