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    [!!!][TASK] Rewrite install tool · 2e3c9d5e
    Christian Kuhn authored
    Main features:
    * The god class "Installer" is gone and split into two major parts.
    A step controller handling major upgrade and install tasks, and a
    tool controller handling the known install tool actions.
    * The step controller is designed to be always called prior to the
    tool controller, if a step needs execution, it comes up, otherwise
    the tool controller will be executed.
    * The entry point typo3/install/index.php is gone and substituted
    by typo3/sysext/install/Start/Install.php. The file contains a
    lengthy comment to document the main request flow and used GET/POST
    * Most parts of the install tool do not bootstrap the whole system
    anymore, in general only the base bootstrap, dbal (if loaded),
    extbase and fluid ext_localconf.php are loaded. This makes sure
    the install tool can not fatal if some extensions ext_localconf
    is broken. The whole install tool runs without any caching, so a fatal
    in some cache file can not kill the install tool execution.
    * Insta...