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    [TASK] Deprecate extbase ObjectManager->getEmptyObject() · 14805bdf
    Christian Kuhn authored
    ObjectManager->getEmptyObject() is only used in extbase
    persistence DataMapper when domain objects are "thawed":
    An existing DB row is fetched and a model object is
    created from it.
    From extbase PoV, a domain object lifecycle is "creation"
    ("own a new car"), then eventually "freezing" it in DB,
    "thawing" it from DB to update it's state ("washed today,
    it's now clean"), and eventually deletion ("brought to
    scrapyard, don't own it anymore").
    Extbase now says that "thawing" and "creation" are two
    different things and thus decided that programmatically,
    __construct() on thawed objects should NOT be called,
    because, well, it's not new, just thawed! Don't assume
    __wakeup() is called instead, though: It's not.
    Extbase of course has to hop through quite some loops
    to violate this PHP language construct. It even needs
    the 3rd party dependency doctrine/instantiator to achieve
    suppressing __construct() call, since the previous
    'unserialize hack' broke somewhere during PHP 5 times.
    Additionally, even though extbase Domain Model objects
    *should* be plain old PHP objects, they still allow
    inject* methods and are dependency injection aware.
    This is a problem when moving away from ObjectManager
    towards symfony DI, because symfony does not support
    this creative extbase view of supressing __construct()
    when instantiating objects.
    We can't get rid of this easily in extbase, though.
    There is no good way to deprecation-log this behavior. A
    feature toggle seems to be overkill - probably not too
    many extbase devs are aware of this implementation detail
    in the first place, and the impact if __construct() is
    properly called when an object is thawed should be relatively
    small: First, models are usually relatively stupid in extbase
    (which is good, they should be), and if they have a
    __construct() method at all, chances are, everything that is
    done there is overriden during the following mapping process
    We thus decided against a feature toggle for this. Instead,
    we *keep* the current instantiation logic in v11, just
    mark the code places as deprecated, configure the extension
    scanner to look for additional getEmptyObject() calls in
    extensions, and add a depreation reST file pointing out the
    situation and stating __construct() will be called in v12
    for thawed objects.
    Resolves: #94377
    Related: #90803
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