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    [FEATURE] Enable SQLite in installation process · 0b00b424
    Benni Mack authored and Susanne Moog's avatar Susanne Moog committed
    The patch adds SQLite as new DBMS platform to the TYPO3
    instance installer if pdo_sqlite is available.
    * sqlite has no database name and user / password restriction
      but stores the database in a single file.
    * the filename contains a random string so it can't be easily
      guessed if the config directory is within web document root
      and the web server is configured to deliver .sqlite files.
    * the feature .rst file mentions possible security risks comes
      with having a database within document root and documents
      how to prevent those.
    * similar to mysql and postgres, an acceptance test verifies
      the system can be successfully installed using a blank
      installation and using the introduction package.
    * bamboo plan spec is adapted to execute the sqlite installer suite
    * testing-framework is raised to 3.8.1 supporting the ac test:
      composer update typo3/testing-framework
    Resolves: #85256
    Releases: master
    Change-Id: I91a8c98f868b5e29bee4ad7dedd3cc8c50346452
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