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typo3gmbh/bamboo-remote-agent adds the bamboo test runner on top of the baseimage images for integration in
TYPO3 GmbH testing infrastructure. Users usually don't have to deal with these images and use the phpXY ones instead.
## Compiling and uploading
A Makefile takes care of container building. One obvious reason to re-compile is when
container definitions have changed or added, another one is to have builds with younger
packages (eg. younger php versions). To create a new set of containers, these steps should be done:
* Pick a machine that has good network connectivity and a young docker engine installed.
* Drop all containers (docker rmi) that are involved in the build: the ubuntu 18.04 one, baseimage,
phpXY bulids and agent build. This forces docker to fetch / compile fresh versions of
* Prepare new semver versions in Makefile (and commit/push change): Each container has an own
version, raise at least the patch level.
* 'make build' will build all containers a-new. The php containers can be built in parallel,
this will drastically increase build server load, but reduce time. A 'make -j8 build' would build
8 php containers in parallel, after baseimage has been built.
* 'make release' will add tags and push to docker hub. It will ask for according credentials.
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