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      [DOCS] Align with new TYPO3 documentation standards · a93634c1
      Alexander Nitsche authored and Lina Wolf's avatar Lina Wolf committed
      - align README.rst, Index.rst, Includes.txt, Includes.rst.txt,
      - add genindex.rst, Sitemap.rst
      - remove outdated Targets.rst
      - rename Includes.txt to Includes.rst.txt
      - reference manual's start page with :doc:`<manual>:Index`
      Adding the custom label `start` to the beginning of the manual's
      Index.rst is redundant. Use :doc:`<manual>:Index` instead of
      :ref:`<manual:start>` to refer to it.
      - replace :ts: with :typoscript: text role
      The ambiguous :ts: text role has been removed to
      not confuse the writer with typescript and typoscript.
      - fix rendering warnings of EXT:core
      - fix rendering warnings of EXT:dashboard
      - fix rendering warnings of EXT:fluid_styled_content
      - fix rendering warnings of EXT:form
      - fix rendering warnings of EXT:linkvalidator
      - remove outdated encoding note
      - align reST validator at Build/Scripts/validateRstFiles.php
      See https://docs.typo3.org/m/typo3/docs-how-to-document/main/en-us/GeneralConventions/FileStructure.ht...
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