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[FEATURE] Add "accept" as UploadViewHelper argument

Resolves: #95486
Releases: master
Change-Id: I6f9927e524e9d44e4e976ec948614d02d3a24edc

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.. include:: ../../Includes.txt
Feature: #95486 - Add accept argument for UploadViewHelper
See :issue:`95486`
It is now possible to pass file types via "accept" as argument directly to the
Previously this had to be done by using "additionalAttributes".
This way it can be defined which file types are allowed for uploads,
to prevent unwanted file formats.
.. code-block:: html
<f:form.upload accept=".jpg,.png" />
.. index:: Fluid, ext:fluid
......@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ class UploadViewHelper extends AbstractFormFieldViewHelper
$this->registerTagAttribute('disabled', 'string', 'Specifies that the input element should be disabled when the page loads');
$this->registerTagAttribute('multiple', 'string', 'Specifies that the file input element should allow multiple selection of files');
$this->registerTagAttribute('accept', 'string', 'Specifies the allowed file extensions to upload via comma-separated list, example ".png,.gif"');
$this->registerArgument('errorClass', 'string', 'CSS class to set if there are errors for this ViewHelper', false, 'f3-form-error');
......@@ -58,6 +58,16 @@ class UploadViewHelperTest extends FunctionalTestCase
self::assertSame('<input multiple="multiple" type="file" name="someName[]" />', $view->render());
* @test
public function renderCorrectlySetsAcceptAttribute(): void
$view = new StandaloneView();
$view->setTemplateSource('<f:form.upload accept=".jpg,.png" />');
self::assertSame('<input accept=".jpg,.png" type="file" name="" />', $view->render());
* @test
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