Commit 1c0cf77e authored by Oliver Bartsch's avatar Oliver Bartsch
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[BUGFIX] Prevent TypeError in ActionController

Ensure to properly typecast optional
parameters of throwStatus() before
passing them to type hinted methods.

Resolves: #97666
Releases: main, 11.5
Change-Id: Ifb6d43cffc97899cdd4ab72d48703bc3db23f0e1

Tested-by: core-ci's avatarcore-ci <>
Tested-by: Christian Kuhn's avatarChristian Kuhn <>
Tested-by: Stefan Bürk's avatarStefan Bürk <>
Tested-by: Oliver Bartsch's avatarOliver Bartsch <>
Reviewed-by: Christian Kuhn's avatarChristian Kuhn <>
Reviewed-by: Oliver Klee's avatarOliver Klee <>
Reviewed-by: Stefan Bürk's avatarStefan Bürk <>
Reviewed-by: Oliver Bartsch's avatarOliver Bartsch <>
parent 45719077
......@@ -842,8 +842,8 @@ abstract class ActionController implements ControllerInterface
$content = $statusCode . ' ' . $statusMessage;
$response = $this->responseFactory
->createResponse((int)$statusCode, $statusMessage)
->createResponse((int)$statusCode, (string)$statusMessage)
throw new PropagateResponseException($response, 1476045871);
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