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    [!!!][TASK] Remove various deprecated arguments and methods · eb0d4528
    Benni Mack authored and Daniel Goerz's avatar Daniel Goerz committed
    This change removes deprecated functionality:
    - ReferenceIndex->updateIndex() is now either ProgressListenerInterface or null
    - ExtensionManagementUtility->findService() expects an array as third argument
    - BasicFileUtility->setFileExtensionPermissions() removed
    - GeneralUtility->callUserFunction now expects object or null as third argument
    - DataMapper->__construct does not expect $query to be set anymore
    - ObjectAccess->setProperty - fourth argument removed
    Resolves: #91613
    Related: #91473
    Releases: master
    Change-Id: I39fa30f84201b0ed837f6ac0e6d27e1ddb15376d