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    [TASK] Improve sysext metadata · 5d65bec7
    speters authored and Christian Kuhn's avatar Christian Kuhn committed
    The title and description texts as well as the README.rst for
    system extensions are unified and some texts updated to
    reflect changes.
    Since the description and README.rst are also displayed on
    Packagist, the text should be chosen so that it helps
    people not familiar with TYPO3 know what the package is
    about (e.g. by preceding the description with "TYPO3 CMS").
    Descriptive texts for extensions are in these files:
    - composer.json
    - ext_emconf.php
    - README.rst
    The information is displayed in the Extension Manager (ext_emconf.php),
    on extensions.typo3.org, on Packagist (composer.json and README.rst)
    and on GitHub (README.rst).
    We reuse the same text blocks in the following manner:
    1. Extension title - used in ext_emconf.php:title and composer.json:
    2. Extension description (short) - used in ext_emconf.php:description
       and composer.json:description
    3. Title and extension description (long) - used in README.rst. In
       most cases, the short description is reused, in some cases it is
       augmented with more information.
    In composer.json, the description consists of: '<title> - <description>'
    - In the title all words are capitalized (common name)
    - The title always starts with "TYPO3 CMS"
    - The description ends with a period.
    Resolves: #96059
    Releases: master
    Change-Id: I57388ff96c5fcf9a8e64cd86ed8427f70d7ef23d
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