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[TASK] Diplay Slack at profile page

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{namespace userprofile=In2code\Userprofile\ViewHelpers}
{namespace slack=T3o\T3oSlack\ViewHelpers}
<section class="container">
......@@ -49,10 +50,15 @@
<f:image image="{image}" maxWidth="800" />
<f:if condition="{userprofile:isPropertyVisible(propertyName:'about_me', user:user)}">
<li>About me: {user.aboutMe}</li>
<li>About me: {user.aboutMe}</li>
<f:if condition="{userprofile:isPropertyVisible(propertyName:'slack_id', user:user)}">
<li><slack:showSlackLink frontendUserUID="{user.uid}" /></li>
<f:if condition="{isOwnProfile}">
<f:render partial="ShowEdit" arguments="{_all}" />
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