Commit 2f3c7554 authored by Stefan Busemann's avatar Stefan Busemann
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[BUGFIX] return also username of a user

parent 73767bd7
......@@ -340,7 +340,7 @@ class Ldap implements \Psr\Log\LoggerAwareInterface
$user = array();
$dn = $this->getDnForUserName($username);
$filter = '(|(objectClass=typo3Person))';
$attributes = ['sn', 'email', 'ou', 'displayName', 'mail'];
$attributes = ['sn', 'email', 'ou', 'displayName', 'mail', 'uid'];
$searchResult = @ldap_search($this->ldapConnection, $dn, $filter, $attributes);
if ($searchResult) {
$info = ldap_get_entries($this->ldapConnection, $searchResult);
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